CASA SEAT features an extensive musical programme and mobility activities for children and adults

Barcelona, 24 November 2021

CASA SEAT continues with its commitment to the city’s cultural programme and during the month of December is featuring an agenda packed with a wide variety of musical proposals which, together with the mobility activities, will complement the usual programme.

Anniversary waltz in memory of Gil de Biedma

On 1 December, World AIDS Day, a tribute will be paid to Jaime Gil de Biedma, one of the most important Spanish writers of the second half of the 20th century. A dozen love poems and post-war recollections will be sung and recited by Sílvia Comes to commemorate the famous poet. In addition, the writer’s niece Inés García-Albi Gil de Biedma will share excerpts from his personal diaries with the audience, in which he describes his experiences with the disease.

Sol Picó and Marco Mezquida, a love story without words

On 10 December, the show Cita a ciegas (Blind Date), starring the dancer Sol Picó and the musician Marco Mezquida, will tell a love story through the language of piano music and body movement.

Two new jazz acts are also part of the musical programming. On the 4th, Juan Pablo Balcázar will perform his latest project Quiet, which is based on the language of jazz and offers compositions and melodies that blend pop and classical music. And on the 17th, Lluís Capdevila will give a concert to present his new album Social, which can be heard live for the first time at CASA SEAT and will go on sale the same day.

Trend-setting proposals by Generation Z

Continuing with the commitment to support young talent, on 11 and 18 December the BCN Z Sessions cycle will be taking place, in which artists from Generation Z will showcase the latest in musical trends.

Mercedes Cañas will be performing for the first time in Barcelona on the 11th with her ukulele and guitar to present some of the new tracks from the album she’s set to release in 2022. She will be followed by Liz Forte, one of the most original artists on the Spanish urban scene, who will present her latest EP Ansiedad, which includes five rap tracks directly inspired by how anxiety affects Generation Z.

The sessions for the second day of the cycle on the 18th will feature singer Lix Molina, who will bring her contemporary R&B and neo-soul sound to the stage and the Barcelona group Malmö 040 who, since their beginnings in 2016, have successfully positioned themselves among the most influential new emerging pop rock bands. 

Children’s mobility workshop and motoring

On the morning of 11 December, YITG (Young IT Girls), a non-profit association that aims to promote gender equality in the field of technology, will give a workshop in which robots will be programmed with Scratch to make them interact in a common space. The activity is aimed at children aged between 9 and 14.

In addition, on the 16th, there will be a meeting with Xavier Serra, head of Racing and Technical Development at CUPRA, after winning the PURE ETCR manufacturers’ and drivers’ titles with the CUPRA e-Racer. Thanks to Serra, the audience will gain insights into how the brand’s team worked to take the CUPRA e-Racer to the top and how they are going to approach the final race of the Extreme E competition to be held in Dorset (United Kingdom) on 18 and 19 December. The CUPRA e-Racer will also be on display at the CASA SEAT auditorium from 13 to 18 December, along with the trophy for the best manufacturer in the competition.

Meanwhile, the road safety sessions with rollover simulator, Enjoy your drive, will continue during the month of December, available for booking on the website. This activity will give visitors a first-hand experience of a vehicle rollover in a safe, dynamic and highly instructive way.

Finally, CASA SEAT is preparing a special Christmas decoration, which will be presented on 1 December, together with a series of parallel activities designed to appeal to all five senses.

All the activities at CASA SEAT are free of charge, subject to prior reservation at

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